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Disrupt Hub is a democratized community of like-minded people interested in the positive impact that Cryptocurrency and Blockchain will have on important industries, such as Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics, as well as the fabric of our entire global society. DisruptHub is an initiative of OLinks Corporation.

The mission of DisruptHub.io is to provide informational resources to interested people and organizations regarding

  • Cryptocurrency,
  • Blockchain and DAGs (Tangles),
  • Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO),
  • Blockchain impacted industries,
  • and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) including Municipal ICOs.

These resources are in the form of published information, free MeetUps and links to relevant articles.

For more information Contact Us and let’s get to know each other.

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Community Manager

Denis O’Neil is the Founder of OLinks Corporation, creator of EmailToVoice.net, and Community Manager of DisruptHub.io.
Denis is an advocate of disruptive technologies, such as voice-enabled Industrial IoT devices and Supply Chain processes.  Denis has extensive experience in communication-enabled business processes and held CEO and executive positions in several international companies. Denis is a Cryptocurrency Investor and ICO Advisor.

Denis O’Neil CISSP
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